fosterING evidence-based and data-driven approaches for increasing demand

The Vaccination Demand Hub was created in 2018 by a group of partners, including multilaterals, global partnerships, donors and non-governmental and civil society organizations. The Demand Hub is co-chaired by UNICEF and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and led by a leadership team.



We work to foster evidence-based and data-driven approaches for increasing demand for immunization among regions and countries. We leverage behavioural and social sciences to strengthen immunization programmes and build quality health services to increase vaccine demand to protect all.

Since its inception, the Demand Hub has made the following gains:

  • The Demand Hub has been a successful global coordination and knowledge-sharing platform, which has provided thought leadership and technical guidance to regions and countries to build public trust and confidence in vaccination.
  • The Hub contributed to the development of IA 2030, particularly the objectives for strategic priority 2.
  • In mid-2020, a sub-group of the Demand Hub was formed to focus on the demand for COVID 19 vaccination. As a result, multiple tools and guidance were rapidly developed and disseminated to assist programmes and partners. The same group has since supported various technical activities, including providing inputs in developing guidance for National Vaccine Deployment Plans and coordinating and contributing specialist technical assistance to Regions and Countries to achieve high uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Vaccination Demand Hub develops and curates a knowledge base of resources from organizations and experts across many disciplines.


Recently established, the Demand Hub workstreams are designed to build, test and scale evidence-based tools in the following areas:

Behavioral and Social Drivers of Vaccination (BeSD)

Support programmes and partners to boost the availability, quality and use of data to assess and address reasons for under-vaccination through the use of evidence-informed and globally standardized tools.

Behaviorally Informed Interventions

Advance understanding of what effective, evidence-based interventions and insights within vaccination science can increase demand for vaccination uptake.

Digital Information Environment

Facilitate exchange of information, support research and dissemination of promising approaches to conducting social listening to inform prevention and mitigation efforts around vaccine misinformation.

Service Experience

Inform a new direction in people-centered quality immunization service delivery by incorporating human-centered design principles to re-orient immunization service delivery around caregiver and patient needs.