service experience

Immunization service experience is critical to ensuring full vaccination coverage and to improve programme resilience and achieve equitable uptake. The Service Experience (SE) Workstream was created as part of the Demand Hub through a multi-agency consultative process. Initial work in 2019-2020 focused on defining and describing key components of a people-centered immunization service experience to align strategies and inform new efforts to improve the service experience. The SE Workstream objectives are grounded in and aim to provide guidance for operationalizing global immunization strategies such as the Immunization Agenda 2030 and Gavi 5.0. Various SE Workstream members are building off this work and advancing SE-related initiatives and research.

What is the immunization service experience?

Definition: Inclusive of factors within and beyond the interaction between health worker and client which affect the delivery and experience of the immunization service.

Immunization service experience considers various components at the individual, community, facility and system levels (which affect either client or health worker) and contributes to whether or not a client has a positive, people-centered, high-quality immunization service experience.

The Service Experience workstream aims to inform a new direction in people-centered quality immunization service delivery by tailoring immunization services and incorporating human-centered design principles to better respond to the needs and perspectives of caregivers, clients, and health workers.
This includes:

  • A common and detailed understanding of people-centered service experience for immunization by all actors and partners.
  • Unified vision of guidance and technical support needs that align with the role and capacity of the Service Experience workstream.
  • Roadmap for technical support and guidance to be provided by partners of the Service Experience workstream for the coming two years (and longer-term considerations).

The Toolkit

The Service Experience Toolkit provides an easy-to-follow introduction to the concept of service experience at country-level. 

The SE toolkit complements other key tools, such as the Quality Immunization Services Planning guide that outlines the different components of quality and highlights key actions at all levels of the health system to monitor, strengthen and maintain the quality of immunization services, with broader benefit to primary care.

The Service Experience toolkit is designed to offer easy orientation on service experience and spark discussion around how EPIs may address and improve the delivery and experience of immunization.

This toolkit has been designed for use by:

  • Country-level: Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) managers and staff at national and regional/provincial level) and implementing partners (e.g. NGOs, CSOs, WHO, UNICEF)
  • Global/regional level: Gavi, Core and Expanded Gavi Partners, Vaccination Demand Hub partners, and other funders and implementing partners

All products have been designed to be used together or individually, depending on the needs of your country or audience. Learn more about each individual product below, or download the complete toolkit.

Getting Started Guide

A short reference guide that provides information on all products within the toolkit for users who may be leading discussions or activities.

SE Orientation Presentation

A modifiable PowerPoint presentation to fit your country’s needs. It is designed as a 1-hour session.

Explainer Video

A 2-minute video that explains the basics of SE. This can be shown during orientation sessions.

Discussion Questions

Designed to engage country-level participants in thoughtful discussions around introducing or strengthening immunization SE.

Fact Sheet

This 2-page document can be printed and shared as a useful quick summary on immunization SE.

What tools are available?

The available research for immunization service experience identifies people-centered approaches which have exhibited some success, including interpersonal communication and interaction skills development, community participation and ownership, supportive supervision, group problem solving and technical skill development.

    As part of the service experience workstream, we are working on the consolidation of existing resources and learnings on the user experience for immunization. We are working in and beyond the health sector. Adapting these learnings with implementation research in local immunization service contexts can empower countries to improve immunization and health service quality and reach.

    To access additional resources, visit the Knowledge Base.